Start a council motion
A step-by-step guide showing the creation of a council motion

What is a council?

To represent passive stakeholders, Porta introduces the idea of a "council". The council is an on-chain entity comprising several actors, each represented as an on-chain account. On Porta, the council currently consists of 13 members.
The purpose of the council is to:
  • Control the treasury
  • Propose referenda
  • Cancel referenda consider dangerous or malicious by the council and community
  • Electing the technical committee
For a referendum to be proposed by the council, a strict majority of members must be in favor, with no member exercising a veto. Vetoes may be exercised only once by a member for any single proposal; if, after a cool-down period, the proposal is resubmitted, they may not veto it a second time.

What is a council motion?

A council motion is a proposal to perform a function call in the runtime using a privileged account.
Only members of the council can create a council motion. The public version of a council motion is called a proposal and is accessible on the Governance > Democracy page of PolkadotJS Apps.


Access Porta-UI
Porta Explorer
Governance > Council > Motions
Click: +Propose Motion
In our example we use ROOT (a council member account) to create a council motion. The motion is to set the balance of GENERIC-USER to 500 tokens, but you can specify whatever function call you would like to request.
Once the council motion has been processed, the proposal will appear in the motions list
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