Create a treasury tip
A step-by-step guide showing how a member of the council can create a treasury tip request

What is a tip?

A tip is a token reward sent from the treasury to an account.
This is similar to a treasury proposal however, a treasury proposal is made for work that needs to be done, while a treasury tip is a reward for work previously done.

Who can tip?

Only council members can approve a tip request and determine the tip amount, but anyone can create a tip request.
  • Tips initiated by council members have no associated fee or bond.
  • Tips initiated by the public include a bond and 20% finder’s fee
  • The finder’s fee is paid to the one who requested the tip (if the tip is approved)
  • The bond amount is proportional to the tip message length, and a fixed bond constant defined on chain

An explanation of treasury tipping

Bob has done something great for Porta. Alice has noticed this and decides to report Bob as deserving a tip from the Treasury. The Council is composed of three members Charlie, Dave, and Eve.
Alice begins the process by issuing the report_awesome extrinsic. This extrinsic requires two arguments:
  • The reason for the tip
  • The address who will receive the tip
There are two ways to enter the reason:
  1. 1.
    Write the reason in the ‘tip reason’ field
  2. 2.
    Enter a UTF-8 encoded URL in the ‘tip reason’ field that links to a post on Porta’s website explaining why Bob deserves the tip.
The URL is often shorter than a written explanation, so the transaction fee is cheaper.
Alice must lock up a deposit for making this report. The deposit is the base deposit as set in the chain's parameter list plus the additional deposit per byte contained in the reason.
For her trouble, Alice is able to claim the eventual finder's fee if the tip is approved by the council.
The Council now collectively (but also independently) decides on the value of the tip that Bob deserves.
  • Charlie tips 10 tokens
  • Dave tips 30 tokens
  • Eve tips 100 tokens
The tip could have been closed out with only two of the three Council members. Once more than half of the Council have issued tip valuations, the countdown to close the tip will begin. In this case, the third tipper issued their tip before the end of the closing period, so all three were able to make their tip valuations known.
The actual tip that will be paid out to Bob is the median of these tips, so Bob will be paid out 30 tokens from the Treasury.
In order for Bob to be paid his tip, some account must call the close_tip extrinsic at the end of the closing period for the tip. This extrinsic may be called by anyone.


Access Porta-UI
Porta Explorer
Navigate to Governance > Treasury > Tips
Click: +Propose Tip
Enter the following information:
  • Who should receive the tokens
  • Why they should receive the tokens
  • The recommended number of tokens to tip
Your request will appear in the tips list
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