Close a bounty
A step-by-step guide showing how to close a bounty

Closing a bounty

The curator can close the bounty once they approve the completion of its tasks. The curator should make sure to set up the payout address on the active bounty beforehand. Closing the Active bounty enacts a delayed payout to the payout address and a payout of the curator fee.
A bounty can be closed by using the extrinsics tab and selecting the Treasury pallet, then Award_bounty, making sure the right bounty is to be closed and finally sign the transaction.


Access Porta-UI
Navigate to Governance > Council > Motions
Once the bounty proposal has enough council votes, the close button will appear.
Click: Close
The bounty will now be removed from the council motion list
The bounty overview page will show as ‘waiting for bounty funding’
It is important to note that those who received a reward after the bounty is completed, must claim the specific amount of the payout from the payout address, by calling Claim_bounty after the council closed the allocation.
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