Porta Docs

Store custom information

A step-by-step guide showing how to create and store custom personal information on the blockchain
Porta gives you the opportunity to store personal information on the blockchain but you do not have to use this service.
Access Porta-UI
Navigate to Developer > Extrinsics
  • Extrinsic: Identity
  • Function: setIdentity
Choose: Add Item
You will see two fields appear:
  • The first field is the name: Specify here what you want to call the identification information
  • The second field is the value: specify here the value you want to associate with identification information
An example of including identification information about the city you live in would be:
  • Field 1: City
  • Field 2: London
Change the Add Item fields from NONE to RAW
The information you enter must be converted into bytes before being submitted.
Use this website for the conversion: https://onlineutf8tools.com/convert-utf8-to-bytes
Change ‘City’ into bytes
Enter the byte information into the first field of Add Item (under setIdentity on PolkadotJS Apps). Make sure to prepend the information with 0x.
‘43697479’ becomes: 0x43697479
Do the same process for field 2 ‘London’
‘4c6f6e646f6e’ becomes: 0x4c6f6e646f6e
Click Submit Transaction (found in the bottom right corner)
Every time you make a change to your identity values, you need to re-submit the entire set of fields: the write operation is always "overwrite", never "append".
Note that custom fields are not shown in the UI by default:
To confirm the custom identity information has been stored go to:
  • Query: identity
  • Function: identityOf
  • AccountId: <your account>
Click the “plus” icon.
You will see the custom identity field name and value listed.