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Become a registrar

A step-by-step guide showing how to create a proposal for you to become a registrar

What is a registrar?

Registrars verify personal identification stored on-chain and receive a fee for this service. For example, a registrar could charge 10 PORTA tokens to verify one's legal name and email.

How is information verified?

To get data verified, a user requests judgement from a registrar. The user pays a fee to the registrar who verifies the information. Users set a maximum fee they are willing to pay and only registrars below this amount would provide judgement.
To become a registrar, submit a pre-image and proposal into Democracy, then wait for people to vote on it. For best results, write a post about your identity and intentions beforehand, and once the proposal is in the queue ask people to second it so that it gets ahead in the referendum queue.
Here's how to submit a proposal to become a registrar:


Access Porta-UI
Navigate to Governance > Democracy
Choose: Submit Preimage
  • Propose: identity
  • Function: addRegistrar
Copy the preimage hash and then click cancel.
Click: Submit Proposal
Paste in the hash and click Submit Proposal
The proposal will now appear in the proposal list
At this point, PORTA holders can second the motion. With enough seconds, the motion will become a referendum, which is then voted on. If it passes, users will be able to request judgement from this registrar.