Porta Docs

Custom named sub-account

A step-by-step guide to linking a sub-account with a custom name


Access Porta-UI
Navigate to Developer > Extrinsics
  • Extrinsic: identity
  • Function: setSubs
Click: Add item
Choose the sub-account you want to link to the main account
Change the data field from NONE to RAW
The information you enter must be converted into bytes before being submitted.
Use this website for the conversion: https://onlineutf8tools.com/convert-utf8-to-bytes
We will call our sub-account ‘test-candidate’.
Change ‘user-sub’ into bytes
Enter the byte information into the first field of Add Item (under setIdentity on PolkadotJS Apps). Make sure to prepend the information with 0x.
‘757365722d737562’ becomes: 0x757365722d737562
Looking at the sub-account on the Accounts page, you will see the account USER/USER has now become USER/USER-SUB.