Make a treasury proposal
A step-by-step guide explaining how to make a treasury proposal

What is the treasury?

The treasury is an account that holds a proportion of the total supply of all Porta tokens. These tokens are set aside specifically for the purpose of maintaining and improving the network.

What is a treasury proposal?

A request to transfer a specified number of tokens from the treasury to another account.
Use case: A developer who requires funding of 100 tokens to build a product for the network.

Additional information

A treasury proposal is submitted to the council for a vote.
A minimum bond of 100 tokens is required to make a treasury proposal. If the proposal passes, the bond is returned, however, if the proposal is rejected, the bond is lost. Reason for rejection include:
  • The proposal contains a lack of information
  • The requirements of the proposal are invalid (such as asking for too many tokens)
  • The proposal does not benefit the network as a whole
  • Governance > Treasury


Access the Porta-UI
Porta Explorer
Go to Governance > Treasury
Click: +Submit Proposal
Enter the following information:
  • The account you want to send the proposal from
  • The beneficiary of the treasury funds
  • The number of tokens required
Click: Submit Proposal
Enter password and click Sign and Submit
You will now see the proposal in the proposals queue
Once approved, the proposal will be move to the approved queue and the beneficiary will be sent their tokens from the treasury.
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