Create a proposal
A step-by-step guide showing how to create a governance proposal

What is a proposal?

A proposal is a request to make a change on the network. The change can be either:
  • a request to change storage (such as the number of tokens held by an account)
  • a request to change how the blockchain is configured (such as increasing the maximum number of validators)
Once a proposal has sufficient backing and a certain amount of time has elapsed, the proposal becomes a referendum that can be voted on.
Proposing an action to be taken requires you to bond some tokens. The bonded tokens will only be released once the proposal is brought to a vote; there is no way for the user to "revoke" their proposal and get the bond back before it has become a referendum. Since it is essentially impossible to predict when a proposal may become a referendum (if ever), this means that any tokens bonded will be locked for an indeterminate amount of time.
Proposals cannot be revoked by the proposer, even if they never turn into a referendum. It is important to realize that there is no guarantee the tokens you use for proposing or seconding a proposal will be returned to that account in any given time frame.


Access the Porta-UI
Porta Explorer
Navigate to the Democracy page
  • Governance > Democracy
On PolkadotJS Apps you can use the "Democracy" tab to make a new proposal. In order to submit a proposal, you will need to submit what's called the preimage hash. The preimage hash is simply the hash of the proposal to be enacted. The easiest way to get the preimage hash is by clicking on the "Submit preimage" button and configuring the action that you are proposing.
Click: +Submit preimage
In our example we are going to set a preimage where GENERIC-USER's token balance is set to 250.
Enter the following information:
  • Propose: balances
  • Function: setBalance
  • Amount: 250
This information will generate a preimage hash. Please copy this hash and then click CANCEL to exit the window.
Please do not click submit preimage
Click: +Submit proposal
Paste in the hash, ensure you are happy with the funds you are locking up for the proposal to take place and click submit proposal.
You will now see your proposal listed.
Currently there is no information accompanying the proposal, to supply this we must add an image.
Click: +Image
Enter the information like you did before and click Submit Preimage
Please take note of the calculated storage fee, this is the charge for storing the proposal on-chain.
The proposal is now active. You can view details of the proposal by clicking the drop-down symbol.
The proposal is now ready to be seconded by another.
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