Create a bounty proposal
A step-by-step guiding showing how to create a bounty proposal

What is a bounty?

A bounty is a project proposal that is outsourced to the Porta community with the goal of fixing a bug or vulnerability in the system.

Additional information

Anyone can create a Bounty proposal. The moment a proposal is created, a council motion is opened allowing the council members to vote. Once enough votes have been cast to approve the proposal, the council motion is able to be closed. Once closed, a curator (the person who will undertake the work) is selected by the Council. The curator must provide a deposit upfront to undertake the work. The deposit is returned along with the bounty reward once the work is completed.
The bounty has a predetermined duration of 90 days with the possibility of this being extended by the curator.
Once the curator has completed the work the bounty can be marked as completed by the curator. When a bounty is marked as completed a delayed payout is activated allowing the council to confirm the work has been done.
To minimize storage on chain in the same way as any proposal, bounties don't contain contextual information. Instead, when a user submits a bounty proposal, they will submit a separate bounty form directly to Porta using the template document available on Porta's website.


Access Porta-UI
Porta Explorer
Go to Governance > Bounties
Click: Add Bounty
Enter the following information:
  • Bounty title
  • Number of tokens
The bounty request will now be listed
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