Part 2. Get a domain
A step-by-step tutorial showing how to purchase a domain and transfer the name servers to Digital Ocean
Requirement: Purchase of a domain costing £1 per year.


Purchase a domain
Enter the name of the domain you want and click check, then add to cart.
You do not need any additional items, so just click Continue
Select: Domain Only
Select: Continue
Create a new account
Fill in the details and pay for the domain.

Change the name servers to Digital Ocean

After payment has completed, go to
Go to Manage Domain
Select: Nameserver tab
Choose: Use custom name servers
Enter these name servers

Create an SSL certificate for the domain

Once name servers have transferred, you can go to Digital Ocean to add a security certificate.
On Digital Ocean got to: Settings > Security > Add a certificate
Click in the search box and choose Add new domain
Select the domain you want to use, then optionally select any other subdomains to include, either existing or new. Enter a name for the certificate, then click Generate Certificate.
You will receive success messages. You can confirm your domain is in Digital Ocean.
Create A records for the domain
You want to create the following A records:
  1. 1.
    Hostname: @ Direct to: Validator-Node
2. Hostname: www. Direct to: Validator-Node
3. Hostname: * Direct to: Validator-Node
You will now have these entries
You are now ready to move to Part 3 of this tutorial series.
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