Part 1. Setup the server
Guide showing how to setup the server that will run the validator node
This tutorial will show you how to setup a relay chain node using an 8GB RAM Digital Ocean server. The node can be run on a 4GB server, but requires 8GB RAM to compile.

The Guide

Setup a Virtual Private Server on Digital Ocean
Choose: Explore our control panel
Create a new project and give it a:
  • name
  • description
  • purpose
Choose: Skip for now.
Choose: Get Started with a Droplet
  • Server: Ubuntu 20.04
  • CPU: Shared Basic
  • Specification: $48/mo
Choose: London
Choose all the additional options
Set password
  • Hostname
  • Project
  • Enable Backup
Click: Create Droplet
The droplet will begin starting
Once the loading has finished it will look like this
Click into the Droplet
Open the console
Update and Upgrade
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
Choose: Y

Build Dependencies

sudo apt install -y git clang curl libssl-dev llvm libudev-dev

Build Rust Developer Environment

curl -sSf | bash -s -- --fast
Close the console (to refresh it)
Open the console
Confirm the installation completed successfully
rustup show
Clone the Porta Relay node
git clone
You can see the portastation-relay-node has been installed in the root directory by running ‘ls’
Enter the portastation-relay-node folder
cd porta-node/
Build the Porta Relay node
Wait for the compilation to complete...

Start the node

You must run the node in a daemon process using the screen command
Run the following code, but replace [validator name] with the name you want to call your node.
./target/release/porta --name [Validator name] --validator --base-path ./data/[Validator name] --chain ./porta-raw.json --port 30001 --ws-port 9944 --rpc-port 9933 --rpc-external --rpc-cors all --rpc-methods=unsafe --bootnodes /ip4/
Wait for the sync to complete...
synchronisation takes about 5 minutes per 100,000 blocks.
You can tell when the synchronisation has completed because the BEST block in Porta Explorer will match the block number in your terminal. To access the Porta Explorer for the Relay Chain use this link:
Exit the screen session by pressing CRTL+A then CRTL+D.
Continue to Part 2 of the tutorial.
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