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Kianite MXC IEO Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Kianite will conduct an IEO (initial exchange offering) on the digital asset exchange platform, MXC. The IEO will begin on April 16th, giving interested investors the opportunities to acquire our tokens before everyone else.

We are very excited to have our tokens sale on MXC as it has proved to be a safe, smart and convenient platform for launching digital assets. The exchange has a very lively market and a huge number of traders that are going to get exposure to our tokens and our project. As such, it is an ideal platform for growing our community through the acquisition of these dedicated investors.

How to participate in our IEO on MXC

If you’re interested in participating in the IEO on MXC, you should have an account registered on the exchange. MXC does not require one to fill out KYC details to register for an account so the process is simple and fast. If you do not already have an account, create one on the website to get started. You will need to purchase and hold MX, the platform’s token so you can buy $KIAN during the IEO.

The sale will be conducted in a single round on MXC. The price of each token and personal cap will be announced before the official date.

MXC Exchange Listing

The Kianite tokens will be listed on the MXC exchange one week after the completion of our IDO on Poolz. This will present a chance for the investors that miss out on the IEO and IDO to still get early on the project by buying our tokens on the secondary market.

The listing of our tokens of the MXC exchange will also allow our early bird investors to trade them for other cryptocurrencies. We believe that this is naturally the next stage in our development process that enables us to gradually grow our community by bringing in more token holders from the secondary market.

The Kianite team is also working to get the tokens listed on other exchanges in due course to allow our investors to trade them more easily and improve accessibility to other interested members of our community.

We have rebranded to “Porta” visit our new site to learn more about the company and follow us to not miss anything.



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