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$KIAN x Bibox Listing Announcement

Bibox Exchange Listing

The Kianite ($KIAN) tokens will be listed on the Bibox, a global-leading crypto exchange, on Wednesday 23rd June at 11 am UTC/ 12 pm BST/ 19 pm (UTC+8).

The listing of our tokens on the Bibox exchange will allow investors to trade them for other cryptocurrencies. We believe that this is naturally the next stage in our progress which will enable us to expand our community by bringing in more token holders.

As of 9th June 2021, the Bibox exchange facilitates nearly $990,000,000 in daily trading volume and a large number of global traders are going to bring more exposure to the $KIAN tokens and the project.

The Kianite team will be updating the wider community on activities leading up to the listing, expect more details on the following:

  • AMA with the Founder and CEO of Kianite
  • Twitter Airdrop
  • Trading competition

Learn more about the Bibox listing

Learn more about Kianite

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