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$KIAN Token Overview and Sales

After having completed a successful $1.5M funding round with top venture capital firms, and with the upcoming Poolz IDO & MXC IEO right around the corner on April 16th, major milestones are being hit for Kianite and the $KIAN token.

We are continuing to gain traction in this market and jump through hoops to accelerate our development. Integration with Binance Smart Chain is just one example, as we continue to explore additional avenues for expansion.

Today, we would like to dive deeper into the tokenomics of $KIAN, in addition to the seed/private and public sale token distributions and prices.


The max available supply of $KIAN tokens is 100,000,000, with a quarter (25,000,000 $KIAN) becoming available during the first month.

Serving as the governance token $KIAN provides tremendous utility to our platform. Holders have the ability to make proposals and vote on changes to all products within the Kianite ecosystem, including the index composition, DEX product development, lending in new markets, liquidity provider fees, interest rates, and more.

Kianite has a DeFi product suite composed of Batch (the tokenized index protocol), Fluid (the liquidity provisioning protocol), and Rates (the interest generating protocol). Holding $KIAN allows you to make suggestions and decisions for these protocols as well.

The tokens will be allocated as follows:

  • 21.75% will go to the team
  • 3.75% will be held by advisors
  • 2% will be used for liquidity
  • 15% for the ecosystem
  • 33% for network rewards
  • 10% are allocated from the seed round
  • 12.5% and 2% are distributed for the private and public sales, respectively

To learn more about the $KIAN tokenomics, visit our Community Deck page.

Private and Public Sale Token Distributions

The private funding round consisted of the following token prices:

  • Seed sale price of $0.05 per $KIAN
  • Private sale price of $0.08 per $KIAN

The public sale price for the Poolz IDO and MXC IEO will be 0.11 USDT per $KIAN.

The total distribution of tokens for the Poolz IDO will be:

  • 1,000,000 $KIAN

The total distribution of tokens for the MXC IEO will be as follows:

  • The quantity of tokens that will be distributed for the IEO is 500,000, equivalent to 55,000 USDT (in BEP-20 tokens)
  • 500,000 tokens will be distributed for MXC M-Day
  • 500,000 tokens will be distributed to eligible whitelisted users

To find out more, navigate to our MXC and Poolz whitelisting guides regarding public sales.

About Kianite

Kianite is a DeFi protocol ecosystem running on Biance Smart Chain — we develop digital asset indexes encompassing the very best crypto tokens, through careful analysis and consideration by our team and community. Our indexes track and follow the underlying prices of other crypto indexes using a special algorithm called the “decentralized reserve.”

Our experienced community members vote on which crypto assets will be integrated into our indexes. The initial indexes to be made available are Sapphire (low risk), Emerald (mild risk), and Ruby (high risk).

An exciting roadmap lies ahead, with the first index release targeted for Q2 2021. Additional developments and upgrades are in the cards for Q3, and a voting platform is scheduled to be implemented by Q4.

Kianite’s mission is to create DeFi solutions that can be vertically integrated to provide users with the best opportunity to increase their investment ROI.

Please make sure to follow us on our website and join our social media platforms to stay up-to-date on all project news and developments.

We have rebranded to “Porta” visit our new site to learn more about the company and follow us to not miss anything.



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